Job Vacancy:

Pharmacist – Advanced (Quality and Compliance)

Position: Permanent Full Time (76 hours p.f.)
Job Code: H1707WB247204
Employer: Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service, Bundaberg Hospital
Salary: Pharmacist – Advanced (Quality and Compliance) - Pharmacy Department, Bundaberg Hosptial, Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service. Remuneration value up to $136,948 p.a., comprising salary between $115,033 - $120,029 p.a., employer contribution to superannuation (up to 12.75%) and annual leave loading (17.5%) (HP5) (Applications will remain current for twelve months) Job Ad Reference H1707WB247204
Closing application date: 14/08/2017

Job Description

• Deliver advanced level Clinical Pharmacy services, leadership and mentoring to multiple speciality Pharmacy work units and multidisciplinary teams throughout Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service with respect to Medication Safety and Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS).

Your key responsibilities
• Fulfil the responsibilities of this role in accordance with the Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service pledges outlined above.
• Deliver advanced level clinical pharmacy services across multiple specialty clinical areas, providing expert clinical knowledge, advice, professional judgement and leadership in critical clinical problem solving with minimal clinical practice supervision.
• Provide and be individually accountable for expert complex clinical decision making through high level knowledge and interpretation of evidence based practice within a complex and critical speciality service.
• Provide professional leadership, judgement and advice in the development and improvement of advanced clinical practices, quality improvement activities, medicines protocols, policies and procedures as part of the multidisciplinary team and in collaboration with Directors of Pharmacy lead the implementation of delegated pharmacy-related change initiatives to achieve identified outcomes within Wide Bay HHS
• Participate in the development, implementation and evaluation of novel medication safety initiatives and strategies at the local, Hospital and Health Service (HHS), State-wide and Commonwealth levels.
• Design, coordinate and lead quality improvement audits and research projects of clinical importance within Wide Bay HHS and for Queensland Health, seeking outcomes that improve the quality and standard of clinical and pharmaceutical practice.
• Be responsible as the Chair of HHS wide Medication Safety Committee
• Provide specialised clinical advice to professional and operational supervisors (particularly the Directors of Allied Health and the Directors of Pharmacy), multidisciplinary service managers and other relevant stakeholders at local, HHS, State-wide and Commonwealth levels regarding quality standards and protocol development in clinical practice.
• In collaboration with the Directors of Pharmacy lead change initiatives in medication management within a complex and critical speciality service through the collaborative development and implementation of clinical practices, policies and protocols to achieve identified outcomes.
• In collaboration with the Directors of Pharmacy lead change management processes by implementing and evaluating change initiatives against identified outcomes and through collaborative developments of evidence-based clinical practice, policies and procedures with the priority focus on promoting medication safety and quality use of medicine with the Wide Bay HHS.
• Promote a culture of continuous education, learning and skills development within the Wide Bay HHS Pharmacy Departments.
• Provide clinical advice, education, training and mentorship to intern pharmacists, undergraduate students, and particularly to HP3 and HP4 level clinical pharmacists, aiding in the development of advanced level practitioners.
• Contribute to clinical research activities within the work unit by assisting undergraduate, intern and general level pharmacists undertaking Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) projects including Drug Use Evaluation (DUE).
• Interpret strategic direction around medication, provide advice to the Directors of Allied Health and lead translation of this direction into the clinical practice of others through education.
• Be personally accountable for the delivery of high quality services and standards including participation in Performance Appraisal and Development and professional supervision.
• While working autonomously with a high level of independence, seek guidance from Directors of Pharmacy (North and South), Nursing Directors and Director of Medical Services around the ability to implement action plans, audits and recommendations.



[e.g. relocation assistance, accommodation etc. in rural areas]

Selection Criteria:

• Mandatory possession of a qualification from a registered tertiary institution as a Pharmacist and Registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency with a current annual practicing certificate is essential.
• Appointment to this position requires proof of qualification and if applicable registration or membership with the appropriate registration authority or association. Certified copies of the required information must be provided to the appropriate supervisor/manager, prior to the commencement of clinical duties.
Licence to Operate Vehicle: This position requires the incumbent to operate a class C motor vehicle and an appropriate licence endorsement to operate this vehicle is required. Proof of this endorsement must be provided prior to the commencement of duty.
Hepatitis B Vaccination: Health Care Workers in Queensland Health whose occupation poses a potential risk of exposure to blood or body fluids must be immunised against Hepatitis B according to the National Health and Medical Research Council Australian Immunisation Handbook and the Queensland Health Infection Control Guidelines.
Vaccination of Preventable Diseases: It is a condition of employment for this role for the employee to be, and remain, vaccinated against the following vaccine preventable diseases during their employment: measles, mumps, rubella, varicella (chicken pox) and pertussis (whooping cough). Existing staff that are engaged prior to 1 July 2016 are not subject to this condition of employment unless they apply for a role with VPD requirements that is with a different Queensland Health entity (ie one HHS to another HHS, Department to a HHS, or HHS to Department).

How to Apply

Further Information: Director of Pharmacy - Brad Sharp (07) 4150 2510