Victorian Summer Student Placements

Student positions 2017-18

How to apply

Applications closed on 23 June 2017.

You cannot change your application once submitted and you cannot save your progress and re-commence, so make sure your details are correct before starting your application.

Do not apply directly to hospitals for this program.

Download the list of  Victorian Hospital Pharmacy Departments offering Summer Student Placements 2017-18 .

Key dates (subject to change)

14-23 June 2017: Applications are available online – use form below.

3-14 July 2017: First round interviews

19 July 2017: Second round interviews if available

Hospitals will notify successful candidates directly

Enquiries should be directed to the SHPA Victorian Branch Committee


Frequently Asked Questions

When will I be notified about my interview?

After the online application has closed, each respective hospital department is notified of the applications made. Then it is up to the hospitals to contact the students for their respective interview times. Contact times will differ from hospital department to hospital department. Please note that some hospital departments may choose to shortlist students via other methods before interviewing, hence not all students may receive an interview.

Will I get an interview with all of my preferences?

Students may receive an interview with their first preference. Depending on whether positions are available in subsequent rounds, students may have a second or third round interview

I have missed the cut off date for applications; can I make a late application?

Late applications will not be accepted once the application period has closed

Can I make a change to preferences after submitting my application?

As stated in the last question in the survey, students have acknowledged that all entered information is true and final. No changed to preferences will be allowed once the application has been submitted

Where can I upload my CV and cover letter?

CVs and cover letters are not required for the application process. Hospital departments may request for them during the interview stages.

I am currently completing some first year subjects and second year subjects, which year should I put down on the application?

The year that should be chosen would correspond to the year that you have completed all units for, i.e. In that instance, it would be first year.

I am a second year student; can I apply for a third year position?

Certain hospital departments have requested only for students who have completed specific units to apply. You can apply for the position, but it would be recommended that you do not do so.

Are placement dates negotiable?

This depends on the individual hospital department and cannot be guaranteed.

What if I am unavailable for interviews during the interview period?

Please advise SHPA of your unavailability and these will be passed on to the hospital department with your application. However, whether the hospital department can cater for your unavailability is not guaranteed.

I am an international student, can I apply for student summer placements?

Yes, international students can apply for student summer placements.

I do not study in Victoria, can I apply for student summer placements in Victoria?

Yes, students outside of Victoria may apply for student summer placements.

Are positions open to all pharmacy students regardless of which year they are in?

Positions are open to all students through all years unless specified.


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