Victorian Hospital Pharmacy Intern Program

Applications for 2018 internships have now closed.

The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) coordinates the application process for government-subsidised (and some hospital self-funded) Victorian public hospital pharmacy intern placements. Our aim is to efficiently, transparently and fairly match candidates for internship to hospitals with intern positions.

A total of 87 (80 Department of Health and Human Services [DHHS] funded and seven hospital self-funded) Victorian public hospital pharmacy intern training positions will be available through the SHPA matching process in 2018.

For potential new intern training sites

Ahead of potential opportunities, prepare to demonstrate your readiness to host an intern training program should any new positions become available; this includes hospital demographics, ability to support a supernumerary training position, and particular reasons your hospital should be considered for an intern.

Prospective hospital interns for 2018

  • Regularly check this page for updated information.
  • Follow SHPA on Facebook and Twitter, for timely updates as they become available.
  • Attend any SHPA Victorian hospital pharmacy intern program information sessions in person or online.


Key dates for 2018


9.00am Wednesday 26 July 2017: applications open.

11.59pm Wednesday 9 August 2017: applications close.

By Monday 14 August 2017: application details will be sent to hospitals.

Monday 14 August to Monday 11 September 2017: hospitals screen and rank applicants. No new applications accepted.

By Tuesday 12 September 2017: hospital preference lists will be returned to SHPA. Students submit final ranked list of hospitals to SHPA.

By Friday 22 September 2017: students and health services informed of outcome.

Download 2017-18 Timeline of events here.


Overview of the intern placement process


How to apply for an internship

Applications for 2018 internships have now closed.


Information about pharmacy departments

Hospital pharmacy information for 2018 applicants is your handy information guide to the hospitals offering intern positions via the SHPA Victorian hospital pharmacy intern program in 2018.



  •  Australian and New Zealand citizens and permanent residents who have completed, or will complete a registrable pharmacy degree in 2017, are eligible to apply for the positions.
  • Graduates from Victorian universities will be considered for the first round of matching, and the second, if required.
  • Interstate graduates who are Australian or New Zealand citizens or permanent residents are considered after two rounds of matching.


Application process

Final year pharmacy students apply online for an intern placement in the following year.

  • Students will be required to supply a cover letter and CV for their two equal first preference hospitals in their online application.


Transfer of information

SHPA sends your application to the two hospitals listed as your two equal first preference hospitals. Students may have an application sent to a third hospital from their other higher ranked preferences, in the case where a hospital has an insufficient number of applications.

If a student receives a third application they will be informed of this prior to the transfer of information to hospitals. They will be given 24 hours to supply a third cover letter to the SHPA.


Hospital selection

Hospital pharmacy departments receive the applications. The hospital pharmacy screen and rank candidates. They can use any legal method they choose to do this, including CVs, cover letters, interviews or a combination of these and other methods.


Ranking of students and health services

After the screening process, hospitals return a ranked list of preferred candidates to the SHPA.

Concurrently, students will be requested to submit their final ranked list of preferred hospitals to the SHPA.

Students and pharmacy departments should be aware that ranking a health service or student respectively may result in a match.


The matching process

SHPA matches student ranked lists against those of the health services using a published standard algorithm. The algorithm matches each student with their most preferred available position, provided the candidate is also preferred by the health service.


Finalisation of the process

After the matching process is complete, students will be notified of their match outcome and pharmacy departments of the students who matched to their program.


Additional information and resources

Download the following resources for a more detailed explanation of the Victorian hospital pharmacy intern program process:

Please direct all enquiries to


Other hospitals offering positions

As well as offering intern positions through the SHPA-facilitated Victorian hospital pharmacy intern program, some hospital pharmacy departments fund additional intern positions from their own budget. Please note these positions are advertised on hospital or health services websites or on the SHPA Jobs board. Private hospitals may also have intern positions available; view their websites for information.


Why choose hospital pharmacy intern training?

Hospital-based pharmacy intern training is not only for those wanting a career in hospital pharmacy – it is the best grounding you can get for your pharmacy career – wherever it leads you. Hospital pharmacy training will equip you with the following skills that will be valuable wherever you choose to practice:

  • undertaking medication history interviews and detailed medication management reviews;
  • providing medicines information (at discharge and all points of contact with the healthcare system);
  • interpreting clinical laboratory results and making recommendations on medicines;
  • working in specialised units e.g. emergency, intensive/coronary care, aged care, medical/surgical, oncology, paediatrics;
  • working in multidisciplinary teams with doctors, nurses and other health professionals.


Rural hospital pharmacy intern training

Undertaking your hospital pharmacy intern training in a rural area will allow you to benefit from all that rural and regional Victoria has to offer to your social and professional life. Pharmacy intern training positions are available at larger base hospitals as well as smaller regional hospitals. There are many to choose from.


How does SHPA support you in your intern year?

To find out the many ways that SHPA supports you click here.


Who to contact

Queries about hospital pharmacy intern training in Victoria, from employers and applicants, should be directed to Justine Bassell, Membership Manager at SHPA at